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Oculus Preorder Fail or Tactics ?

Oculus Rift Preorder : Fail or Tactics ?

Yesterday the Oculus rift have finally made his way to the internet in his final form.

And suddenly a huge hate-wave started to appear on the web.
Primary for the price really too high for a device intended to create a new mass-market and get a good place in every house.

But maybe this was all intended.
I am an early adopter, I have missed by one day the Kickstarter campaign of Oculus but I have the oculus dk1 and the oculus dk2 and they have been a key part of my formation with unity.
At the first time, i was an enthusiast for the VR world and all possibilities correlated.
Now with cold mind, i know this isn't the right approach to VR, we are probably in the middle of a new start but we don't know really how to resolve many problems like maintaining an immersive game and a good gameplay experience.

We are searching for the right solutions, often in wrong places.

Maybe increasing the price is a good tactic, there isn't a killer application at the moment, there is only ideas of application, many bad ideas and many probable failures. Maybe is the good way to avoid an excessive enthusiasm around the oculus itself and at the same time explore the market.

I am unsure about the future of VR, the price is a great wall, but maybe is the right move to put your card on the table and see if the other big players have any card on their hand.

Maybe i am talking about the new 3d TV or maybe not...

We will see..

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